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advertising details
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what we offer
You can advertise in three different ways on astronomyLINKS :

  1. 468x60 banner ad shown on the top of each page.

  2. Banner ad in the side-menu section that can be up to 150x100 in size.

  3. Text "sponsored by link" in astrowire™.

The banner ads are rotated automatically and you will have access to an admin function that will allow you to view up to the minute reports on the number of exposures your banner(s) receive and click-throughs. In addition, if an advertiser also qualifies for a link on astronomyLINKS that advertiser automatically receive an "affiliates" link on the top of the page on which their site is listed. A link to our site is not necessary in this case, as it would be for a normal affiliate. For more information on the affiliate program you can go here.


current website stats
We officially opened for business on June 3rd, 2000. In our first month we had ~753 unique visitors and 2274 page views. As of 5/6/2003*:

  • Total advertising display comes in around 1300 per day.
  • Typical 468x60 ads display around 200+ times per day.
  • Best banner (468x60) click-through ratio: 70:1
  • Total page views since June 2000 total 1,036,000+

In September, 2002 we had ~10000 visitors. These numbers are bound to continue to go up as our brand name gains more exposure, search engine submissions get indexed and our aggressive advertising campaign continues. Please contact us for up to the minute website stats.

As of 5/6/2003 astrowire™ gets about 33000 displays per month. This is up from 16000 in October, 2002. As more subscribers come online this number should increase. This value tracked by comparing website logs for a particular graphic image imbedded in the output and checking the number of times the CGI script that serves it is called.


administrative access
Advertisers have access to a helpful administration page where they can view their current banner display ratios and click-through stats. In addition, the advertiser can directly update the banner image file, name, e-mail address and the link to which the banner points. All changes to information on to the administrator page are subject to approval before they take effect, and the banner requirements still apply. Advertisers taking advantage of rich media banners do not have access to changing their HTML directly, but changes can be submitted to astronomyLINKS staff and submitted updates will likely go in the same day. Here are examples of the admin pages available to advertisers: [stats page] ~ [account changes page]



Banner Size Exposures Cost
468x60 500 $6
468x60 1000 $11
468x60 2000 $20
468x60 5000 $40
468x60 10000 $80
150x100 500 $5
150x100 1000 $10
150x100 2000 $15
150x100 5000 $35
150x100 10000 $70
astrowire™ Text Link:
2 weeks $35
1 month $60
3 months $150
as of 5/6/2003

SPECIAL: First time clients get an extra 500 banner impressions or 1 week of astrowire™ advertising NO charge. That's how confident we are that you'll find the value in our services!


banner requirements
Banners must meet these following requirements to be displayed on astronomyLINKS . Changing to banners that do NOT meet these requirements after initial approval may result in discontinuation of your account - without refund (i.e. you initially provided a banner that meets the size requirement and change your banner to an image twice the allowable size).General banner requirements

  • Banners are typically hosted on your site, although we will host your banner for you if you need this service. If you'd like us to host it simply e-mail your banner to us after you sign-up and we'll take it from there. This is especially recommended if your server has a history of being slow which could result in your banner not being displayed properly.
  • Multiple banners are allowed. They are simply randomly selected for display when a banner from your account is up for viewing.
  • Provacative or "adult" banners are NOT allowed. The banners must be suitable for all viewers.
  • All banners are subject to editorial review and approval.
  • Rich media banners or simple text banners are welcomed provided they meet the total byte size requirements of their respective size. An example would be a search engine form placed into your banner ad pointed to your site.
468x60 banners
  • Banners must be 13k or less in total file size.
  • Animations can loop 3 times or less.
  • Animations should only be 7 seconds or shorter in duration before repeating.
150x100 banners
  • Banners must be 7k or less in total file size.
  • Animations can loop 3 times or less.
  • Animations should only be 7 seconds or shorter in duration before repeating.

NOTE: We can create a banner for you! Please for details, let us know what you're looking for in your banner ad and we'll send you an estimate.


astrowire™ specifications
The astrowire™ service is displayed on other websites.

  • It is up to the discretion of those webmasters where they place the content.
  • It appears that most subscribers make the content readily available to visitors to their websites.
  • We set up a special link in our advertising program to track your click-throughs.


You can make advertising payments by:

  • Postal Mail: Please to get the payee information and address to send your check or money order to (drawn on US funds).
  • Use PayPal: You can also send us funds electronically via PayPal.
  • Wire Transfers: Wire transfer is acceptable. We can provide the required information. Wire transfer fees are the responsibility of the payee.

I accept payments with PayPal


guarantees and refunds

We want you to be happy and offer a refund with some restrictions. Refunds for ANY ad campaign, regardless of type, are ONLY available during the first 10% of the ad run time/impressions you signed up for, or 20 days/1000 banner ad impressions, whichever comes first. If any of these milestones are reached your ad run will complete as scheduled and is ineligible for a refund of funds already paid. If a refund is due to you it will be refunded within 30 days of your request.

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*past performance is no guarantee of future results

Updated 11/11/2016
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