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CCD CCD (40)
sites for "charged coupled devices"...
amateurs amateurs (56)
great images by dedicated amateurs...
equipment equipment (9)
mountings, equipment specific to astrophotos...
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galleries of multiple astrophotographers...
sketches sketches (4)
old-fashioned astrophotography with sketching and drawings...
techniques techniques (5)
tutorials and techniques for night photography...

links in this category:

NASA Image eXchange (NIX) NASA Image eXchange (NIX)
Description: Searchable index of NASA images, including astronomy, astronauts, Space Shuttle, and much more.
astronomyLINKS recommended siteThis is an astronomyLINKS recommended site.

Record Last Updated: 14-Jan-2001 | Clicks: 2215


NSSDC Photo Gallery NSSDC Photo Gallery
Description: National Space Science Data Center collection of astronomical images.

Record Last Updated: 6-Jun-2000 | Clicks: 2188


Robert Gendler's Astroimaging Gallery Robert Gendler's Astroimaging Gallery
Description: Amazing photographs of galaxies, nebulas, solar system objects like planets and star clusters.
astronomyLINKS recommended siteThis is an astronomyLINKS recommended site.

Record Last Updated: 19-Jun-2002 | Clicks: 1880


Roger's Website of Southern Amateur Astronomy Roger's Website of Southern Amateur Astronomy
Description: Website for southern hemisphere amateur astronomers. Astro photography, astro graphics, various info pages (astro photography, object list, equipment, etc).
Please visit this astronomyLINKS affiliate Please visit this astronomyLINKS affiliate.

Record Last Updated: 25-Sep-2002 | Clicks: 1808


Sedona by Starlight Sedona by Starlight
Description: Arizona has some of the clearest skies for stargazing, as well as some of the best scenery in the country. This site combines artistic views of Arizona landscapes with the stunning beauty of the stars above.

Record Last Updated: 25-Jul-2002 | Clicks: 1774


SkyScapes:  The Celestial Imagery of Dennis Mammana SkyScapes: The Celestial Imagery of Dennis Mammana
Description: For those who love the serene beauty and awesome majesty of the nighttime sky, the images of SkyScapes represent the best of the best, compiled over the past decade of Dennis Mammana’s journeys around our planet--and the cosmos.

Record Last Updated: 8-Jan-2001 | Clicks: 1930


Starlight Images - Spectacular Astrophotography! Starlight Images - Spectacular Astrophotography!
Description: Starlight Images by Michele Breedlove. Time lapsed photography of celestial events set amidst Sedona's natural beauty. Posters of spectacular astro photos for sale. Free images.
Please visit this astronomyLINKS affiliate Please visit this astronomyLINKS affiliate.

Record Last Updated: 21-Oct-2001 | Clicks: 6562


Starmatt Astrophotography Starmatt Astrophotography
Description: World-class deep space images on film and CCD. These images are groomed to perfection but still look natural.
STELLAR LINK AWARD Best of the Web 2002
astronomyLINKS recommended siteThis is an astronomyLINKS recommended site.

Record Last Updated: 19-Jun-2002 | Clicks: 2754


Todd's Astrophotography Page Todd's Astrophotography Page
Description: Lots of photos; most seem to be CCD images.

Record Last Updated: 11-Aug-2000 | Clicks: 1890


Travis Rector's Astrophotography Travis Rector's Astrophotography
Description: I am an astronomer at Kitt Peak National Observatory. Here I've included some of the "pretty pictures" I have taken using research-class telescopes as well as film astrophotography of the observatories I use for my research.

Record Last Updated: 9-Oct-2000 | Clicks: 1835


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> Runaway Black Hole Flees Behemoth Galaxy
> Movie review: Arrival is the brilliant sci-fi this year needs
> The strange 'funnel' on Mars that scientists say could be the best place to look for alien life
> Astronomers Find Brown Dwarf 16,300 Light-Years Away
> The largest space scope ever built is finished
> New Beagle 2 data shows mission to Mars 'was so close to Mars success'
> NASA to launch fleet of hurricane-tracking SmallSats
> New theory of gravity might explain dark matter
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> NASA's Earliest and Greatest Astronauts Star in New Exhibit
> Where Will President-Elect Trump Take American Space Endeavours?
> Should We Be Worried About SpaceX's Plan to Fuel the Falcon 9 with Astronauts on Board?
> Nat Geo's 'Mars' Miniseries Ready for Scientifically Accurate Liftoff
> Martian Exploration Company 'Mars One' Merges With Mobile Payment Company In Odd Restructuring
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