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Image Collage
[images courtesy of NASA]

3/16/2002 Messier Marathon time! Who's ready for a non-stop, all night trip across the cosmos?? Oh ya baby! Join us in the desert! [click here]

3/6/2002 Sure looks like we're going to get a nice comet out of C/2002 C1 (Ikeya-Zhang). Be sure to keep looking up at that one! [click here]

1/15/2002 I got to visit my friends in Anza-Borrego and we had a great night of observing. Check out the report and the pictures from our night of observing! [click here]

12/25/2002 Was there a Christmas Star? Read this report on how I think it happened. [click here]

4/1/2001 Welcome to my new website!!!! It's wonderful to get my own astronomy and space home on the web.

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