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By Daniel Connor

On February 14th, 2006, we added our 23,000th member to the Vonage Forum. Now, we are closing in on Vonage Forum Member 24,000!

Since we have so many new Members- and a record number of visitors as well- I thought it would be useful to write a handy guide to the Vonage Forum site.

First of all, the Vonage Forum site is exclusively owned and operated by 4Sight Media LLC and is no way endorsed, sponsored, provided, owned or otherwise controlled by Vonage. For official information on Vonage Services please proceed to the Vonage website at: Vonage the Broadband Phone Company.

Vonage Forum - This is our main page. Here is where you can see a scrolling window with the title of the latest Vonage Forum posts - and read them by clicking on them if they interest you. There's also a list of which Vonage Forum Members happen to be online at the moment. If there happens to be any Vonage service alerts, you can read about them once you sign in. And speaking of Vonage, this page also has a summary of all the features and amenities offered to Vonage customers. And on this page, there's a link that when you click it, can get you started on the way to signing up for Vonage service- with your first month free!

Vonage Reviews - Here is where you will find a  clickable list of the top ten most popular Vonage Reviews written by Vonage Forum Members. This list is determined by the number of times Vonage Forum Members and site visitors have read them. You can also find a clickable list of the ten most recently posted Vonage Reviews.

Vonage Review - This link takes you to a page where you can read some Vonage Reviews posted by Vonage Forum Members.

Vonage VoIP Forum - This section of the Vonage Forum offers a topic-by-topic list with the titles of threaded discussions about the Vonage service. The listed threads are the most recently active discussions of what is on the mind of Vonage Forum Members. You can see how many views and replies that thread has generated. If you find a thread title that interests you, just click on it and your web browser will take you to the thread itself.

Vonage Canada - This Vonage Forum section offers a handy list of threads about Vonage service and equipment in Canada. Yet although this section is of primary interest to Vonage's Canada customers, many of the threads you will find here are about equipment, set-up and other topics of interest to any Vonage user. Just click on a thread and it will open.

Vonage UK - This area contains a list of threads about Vonage service and equipment in the U.K. Yet although this section is of primary interest to Vonage's U.K. customers, a good percentage of the threads listed and linked here concern equipment, set-up, equipment and some other topics of interest to the broader Vonage community.

Vonage Fax, TiVo and Alarms - We've noticed that a growing number of Vonage customers use their Vonage connections to dial and receive faxes, contact the TiVo service for regular television listing updates, and call their home security company with check-ins and - we hope this never happens- alerts. This section of the Vonage Forum has a linked list of threads and questions about using your Vonage line with these services. 

Vonage Hard Wiring and Installation - Although hooking up Vonage for service is not difficult at all, new as well as experienced Vonage users sometimes have questions about the right technical setup. Other new and experienced Vonage Forum Members that are moving sometimes post threads here about hard wiring and installation in the place where they have just moved to or are about to. Once again, you will find a linked list of threads about the issues reflected in the title of this Vonage Forum area.

Vonage Local Number Portability - Vonage Forum Members often come to Vonage after realizing that Vonage service is a better deal than they have with their existing or former carrier. Even though they would like to change carriers, they want to keep the same phone number, which is understandable. In this section of the Vonage Forum, you will find a linked list of threads about Local Number Portability issues.

Vonage SoftPhone - Vonage offers a very popular SoftPhone service you can access directly from your PC's screen. Here is the section of the Vonage Forum with a linked list of threads with questions and solutions about Vonage SoftPhone.

VoIP Feature Request - What features would you like Vonage to offer that are not yet available? Vonage Forum Members have started threads with their requests, and this section of the Vonage Forum is where you will find these lists. I also know for a fact that many people at Vonage read this section (as well as the whole Vonage Forum site) regularly, and are open to new service feature ideas!

Vonage TV Commercials - It's no secret that Vonage's tv commercials are popular, and quite funny. On the Vonage TV Commercials section of the Vonage Forum, we have a list of these commercials. Want to watch one? Click on the name of the tv commercial and you'll go to a page with the commercial playing. You can watch the same commercial over and over, or pause if you want to freeze-frame. And there's no special streaming media software to install!

Forums Archive - The Forums Archive area of the Vonage Forums has a month-by-month list of all Vonage Forum thread entries. Click on the name of the month, and you'll see a page with a complete list of all topics and threads that were kicked off that month. From the monthly topic list you have accessed, you can click on a thread title. That thread will open in your browser.

Vonage In Print News - It seems that just about every day- including weekends, newspaper, magazine and web site articles are published about Vonage. This part of the Vonage Forum has summaries of and links to these stories. Each summary has a Read More link that when you click it, goes to a page where the article is posted in full.

Vonage Press Releases - As a rapidly expanding company with a growing list of services, Vonage likes to keep the press aware of new developments. Vonage the company does this by distributing press releases to the media. In this section of the Vonage Forum, we have these press releases listed, archived, and linked.

Vonage VoIP Forum Digest - Each business day, the Vonage VoIP Forum Digest has the latest Vonage news, the latest Vonage Forum news, and details of and links to threads that we know you will be interested in. That's because the threads we select for the Vonage VoIP Forum Digest tend to be those where a Vonage Forum Member has posted a question, and other Vonage Forum Members have answered it. Miss a Digest edition? You can find a linked list of all editions here. Summaries of all Digest editions are provided here. Interested in reading the full Digest edition? Click the Read More link under each edition's summary.

News Archive - This section of the Vonage Forum offers a list of news articles about Vonage, as well as links to Vonage VoIP Forum Digest editions. The most recent entries are listed first. You can also see the date in which these entries were posted, and how many "reads" each entry has had to date. If an entry interests you, click on the link for that entry and your browser will go right to that page where the entry is posted in full and you can read it.

Vonage Area Codes - This page contains a link to a page where you can determine if Vonage services are offered from your area code.

One more thing I would like to add. Because I've noticed that some folks misspell Vonage, I wanted to add a couple of links here that will allow for those typos. Vonage is commonly misspelled Vonnage and Vontage.

So to sum up, welcome to the Vonage Forum! We look forward to your clicks, reads and posts! And if you want to become a Vonage Forum Member, each section I've listed here has a Vonage Forum Menu box on the left. Click on Member Services, and then on Member Registration, and you will be on the way to becoming our newest Vonage Forum Member!

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