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Arty the Part-Time Astronaut Arty the Part-Time Astronaut
Description: Go on a learning adventure through our solar system. Learn about all nine planets with animations, activities, and games. This kid's astronomy site is for the future astronomer and astronaut. (Ed. note: This site requires the Flash plug-in.)
STELLAR LINK AWARD Best of the Web 2001
astronomyLINKS recommended siteThis is an astronomyLINKS recommended site.

Record Last Updated: 7-May-2001 | Clicks: 3861


Astronomy In Your Hands Astronomy In Your Hands
Description: Hands-on astronomy activities for classroom and home. Features a downloadable Star Wheel or planisphere available for every latitude on earth. (Ed. note: Some features require small one-time subscription fee.)
Please visit this astronomyLINKS affiliate Please visit this astronomyLINKS affiliate.

Record Last Updated: 14-Nov-2002 | Clicks: 3371


Astronomy Workshop Astronomy Workshop
Description: Online astronomy courses.

Record Last Updated: 06-Jun-2000 | Clicks: 3914


Erik Viktor's Amazing Spaceworld Exhibition! Erik Viktor's Amazing Spaceworld Exhibition!
Description: Discover this amazing mobile and online space exhibition produced by Belgian artist Erik Viktor as he mixes art, technology, and visions of the future in a unique way with scale models, Mars landscapes, exclusive space mission movies and animations and much more.

Record Last Updated: 31-Aug-2001 | Clicks: 3467


Fly Through Space Fly Through Space
Description: [SITE OFF-LINE: We're checking on it's status. 1/7/2004] FlyThroughSpace is a 3D game-based learning site. It allows visitors to fly through space while learning about astronomy, music theory and geography. (Ed. note: Games require Macromedia Flash.)

Record Last Updated: 5-Nov-2002 | Clicks: 3417


Imagine the Universe Imagine the Universe
Description: This site is intended for students age 14 and up, and for anyone interested in learning about our universe.

Record Last Updated: 24-Oct-2000 | Clicks: 3390


Jack Horkheimer: Star Gazer Jack Horkheimer: Star Gazer
Description: The world's first and only weekly TV series on naked-eye astronomy seen on PBS stations throughout North America. This site has current and past scripts of the show and much more.

Record Last Updated: 22-Dec-2000 | Clicks: 3315


KidsAstronomy.com KidsAstronomy.com
Description: Dynamic children's astronomy website which features a Virtual Solar System, a Virtual Universe, free online classes, free teacher resources and much more.

Record Last Updated: 16-Sep-2000 | Clicks: 3821


NASA Education Program NASA Education Program
Description: We involve the Educational Community in our endeavors to inspire America's students, create learning opportunities, and enlighten inquisitive minds.

Record Last Updated: 2-Aug-2000 | Clicks: 3495


NASA On-line Educational Activities NASA On-line Educational Activities
Description: Grab that computer mouse and join NASA Spacelink for investigations into what NASA is all about. Using these On-line Educational Activities, students can explore NASA through guided research (and have fun at the same time) building models, planning space food menus, or tracking a hurricane through the Caribbean.

Record Last Updated: 16-Nov-2000 | Clicks: 3417


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