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    Updated 11/11/2016
    :: astronomy headlines ::
    > 'Supermoon' Forecast: The Moon Hasn't Been This Close in Almost 69 Years
    > Princeton Team Directly Observes Planets Around Nearby Stars
    > Cassini video shows methane clouds develop and fade over Titan
    > Runaway Black Hole Flees Behemoth Galaxy
    > Movie review: Arrival is the brilliant sci-fi this year needs
    > The strange 'funnel' on Mars that scientists say could be the best place to look for alien life
    > Astronomers Find Brown Dwarf 16,300 Light-Years Away
    > The largest space scope ever built is finished
    > New Beagle 2 data shows mission to Mars 'was so close to Mars success'
    > NASA to launch fleet of hurricane-tracking SmallSats
    > New theory of gravity might explain dark matter
    :: spaceflight headlines::
    > NASA's Earliest and Greatest Astronauts Star in New Exhibit
    > Where Will President-Elect Trump Take American Space Endeavours?
    > Should We Be Worried About SpaceX's Plan to Fuel the Falcon 9 with Astronauts on Board?
    > Nat Geo's 'Mars' Miniseries Ready for Scientifically Accurate Liftoff
    > Martian Exploration Company 'Mars One' Merges With Mobile Payment Company In Odd Restructuring
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    > Telescope Bluebook: Information and reviews on over 800 telescopes. (12/28/2004)
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