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add URL tips for submission
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Here are some important tips to help you with getting in the astronomyLINKS index:

  • Ensure that your page is not "under construction". We understand that content is always being added and websites are evolving. However, websites with significant portions of their content incomplete will not be considered for submission.
  • It's all about the content. Content is extremely important to websites on the Internet. High quality astronomy and space related content presented in an easy to understand manner are always likely to be included in this index.
  • Check out sites in the category you think your site should be in. This is probably the best bet to judging whether you'll make it into the index or what we're looking for. Drop by the sites in the category you think your site should be listed under and see what they've got going on.
  • Pick your categories wisely. The "astronomy" section of the site is the TOUGHEST to get into. Sites must run the subject completely to get into it. Instead, try picking a sub-category that most describes the bulk of the content of your site, then submit the best URL for that particular subject.
  • Amateurs welcome. This site isn't about just the big professional level websites. Amateur websites are encouraged to submit their links for consideration. Again, content is important.
  • Easy to navigate. Confusing sites or sites that require a heavy bandwidth load to enjoy will not likely be included. Yes, the images are wonderful, but don't expect people to enjoy downloading 1/2 a megabite worth of files to view your website. Design is important.
  • English sites please. Sites with text in other languages besides English are more than welcome to submit their URLs, but the judgement of the content of a site will based on it's English sections only. Other languages are a benefit, but our English speaking editors need to be able to read the site.
  • Be a good host. Nothing is more frustrating to a web surfer than to hit a server that takes forever to load a page. Your page should be on a fairly quick connection. We don't like waiting any more than anyone else.
  • Free web hosts often stink. Historically, "free" servers such as Geocities often have slow load times. We frown on sites hosted on such systems because of this. Your site will still be considered, but if we cannot get in on the first try and/or it's not responsive for us we will not likely list your site. Also, some free hosts have pop up windows, such as on MSN Home Page or Tripod. The more annoying ones pop up with every page change, regardless of whether they were closed or minimized. We get really frustrated with this. Enough said... If you're looking for an inexpensive web host try pair Networks. We use and recommend them.
  • YOU MUST HAVE EASILY FOUND CONTACT INFORMATION. This is a new requirement, but I have found that some sights don't even tell you who is running it, much less offer a contact e-mail address. There must be some way of contacting the webmaster clearly found on the site to make it in this index. We feel that you need to be proud enough of your work to 'sign' it, and you should be able to accept visitor notes/corrections/etc.

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Updated 11/11/2016
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